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Birmingham User Group June 2015 Our next MUGUKI event will be held on Tuesday 30th June at the:- IET Austin Court80 Cambridge St, Birmingham B1 2NP Costs Non Members - £95 each. Full Members - FREE and you can bring up to two guests @ discounted rate of £45 each. Talklist Members - £75 each.  Details...

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Monday, 25 May 2015

A long awaited update as to what is going on, on the user group front:

After many years as the representative for Wales and a short time as Chair, Sue Beetlstone has withdrawn from the committee to pursue a summer of sailing around the coast of Britain and Ireland with husband Graham – we wish them well and thank Sue for all the work she has put in.

Brian Garner has taken up the challenge of Chair as we move forward in these challenging times!

We also have two new recruits to the committee, Martin Dowler, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Luke Burns School of Geography, University of Leeds

There has been much discussion about how we move forward with the user group as membership has fallen and doesn't seem to be picking up, yet.  We understand that it is still difficult for some past members to secure funds for renewing so we would encourage you all to try and recruit new organisations to join or persuade expired colleagues to return, not easy I know but please try if you can.

The current situation means that we have less income and with the cost of putting on events rising, it is inevitable that we have to look at this area.  The committee have decided (after a lot of debate) that at current income levels, we can only afford one event per year!  This will now be centred in Birmingham for the following reason:

 ·  Central London is very expensive for events

·  Birmingham has some very good facilities in terms of venues and hotels and it is much cheaper than London

·  It is at the heart of the rail and road systems for all parts of the UK

·  It is also well served for air travellers

There are other issues that need consideration too: the website is now on its last legs and needs a refresh both in terms of look, platform and facilities (booking, membership renewals etc.) so investment is required to make this work for the membership.

The cost of membership has remained at £150 (£75 Talklist) since, at least, 2008. We will constantly strive to offer good value for money by adapting what we provide to those who matter - the members.

We have decided therefore to lower the cost of membership to £120 with Talklist dropping to £65 this will allow for the single event and also for the website development. More importantly, we hope this makes it easier for users to justify the expenditure.

A more functional and easier to use website is intended to provide that support - if you have ideas as to what facilities you would like to see please let one of us know.

If you have any strong feelings about the change please email a member of the committee and we will endeavour to explain further.”

Mark Percival

Membership Secretary

Birmingham User Group June 2015
Monday, 23 December 2013
Our next MUGUKI event will be held on Tuesday 30th June at the:-
IET Austin Court
80 Cambridge St,
B1 2NP
Non Members - £95 each. 
Full Members - FREE and you can bring up to two guests @ discounted rate of £45 each. 
Talklist Members - £75 each.
Welcome to MapInfo User Group UK and Ireland
Tuesday, 20 November 2012

MUGUKI was formed (see About Us) to provide opportunities for members to network, share ideas, good practice, hints and tips, tools etc. all are available on this website if you are a member. 


Membership is by organisation (or individual if this applies) and entitles anyone in an organisation to have access to the resources all for a single yearly fee of £150… that’s good value!  If you don’t want to pay full membership you can opt for ‘Talk List’ only at £75.  Talk List gives you instant access to other members so if you have an issue, struggling to know how to do something…maybe you haven’t done a particular task for a while…then posting to Talk List will undoubtedly get you an answer in minutes and not only one – a number of members will come back with a suggestion or solution.There are, in fact, three Talk Lists: General (for all issues with any PBS product); GeoPlatform (for those who have the ex GDC suite of products); and CONFIRM – PBS’s asset management system.  You are not restricted to one, you can request access to ALL three….where can you get that sort of support for such a small outlay? Although we have ‘MapInfo’ in the title we are wholly independent from Pitney Bowes Software. The focus of the group is to support those using MapInfo products.  We do work closely with PBS (they are members themselves) on issues affecting our members and having a close but independent relationship is beneficial to both our members and PBS.


The group is administered by a number of volunteers formed as a committee.  The committee meet regularly to discuss strategy, formulate responses to developments, discuss finance and all the other administrative elements of running the group. 


The committee also organise events - normally three each year. As a member organisation you get one free place at each event with a nominal rate, to cover refreshments, for two of your other members.  Individual members also come free. The events are spread around the country so members have a chance to get to at least one event in the year.  Event locations are chosen to provide convenient access by public transport. Events are usually held in:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham

I hope this has tempted you to delve a little deeper or even persuaded you to join us.  Please take a few minutes to browse the rest of the site to see if you or your organisation would benefit from joining – we know you will and would love you to join us. Join online here: online form

Mark Percival

Membership Secretary.


MapInfo user Group UK and Ireland, PO Box 71, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2GU
Registered in England.