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Friday, 20 January 2006
Constitution of the MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland
1.      Name of the Group:
1.1.       The name of the Group shall be the MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland.
1.2.       The logo displayed above shall also be associated with the Group and used in its communications media and materials.

2.      Objectives:
2.1.       The objective of the Group is to assist members to get the maximum benefit from their investment in MapInfo products through;

         Regular meetings, events, promotions, workshops, and presentations, that provide an opportunity for members to share experiences and exchange ideas, information, data, techniques, applications, hints, and tips.
         A Web-site to include details about the group, its members, and its functions and activities; member’s “news and views”; forthcoming events; a discussion and technical issues forum; and a means for gathering member’s views on development priorities and “hot” topics.
         A communication channel between members and MapInfo Corporation, its business partners and agents, and world-wide MapInfo Users Groups, which will be used to;

a)       Update members with product news and development programmes of the MapInfo Corporation and its business partners and agents.
b)       Represent member’s views and thereby influence the evolution of MapInfo and related products, applications and services available in the UK & Ireland.
c)       Obtain supplier guidance on best-practice use of MapInfo products and related applications and to highlight and seek resolution of technical issues arising from their use.
         Any other appropriate means or medium.

3.      Membership:
3.1.       Membership is open to any individual who is a MapInfo product user, at the discretion of the Group’s elected Committee and on payment of the appropriate subscription. This permits the named subscriber to participate fully in the Group’s events, activities, and web-based services.
3.2.       There is no other grade of membership.

4.      Conduct of Affairs:

4.1.   A committee of elected members shall conduct the affairs of the Group. The Committee shall comprise of;
         Membership Secretary
         Events Co-ordinator
         Publicity Officer
         Co-ordinator for Ireland & Northern Ireland
         up to 4 other territorial or functional officers.
4.2.   The roles and responsibilities of these Offices are set out in the appended Terms of Reference.
4.3.   In the event of positions becoming vacant the Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to serve as Officers until the following Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, and also to appoint sub-committees or individuals to perform specific tasks compatible with the objectives of the Group.
4.4.   No one individual shall hold more than one office at any time.
4.5.   In the absence of the elected Chairperson, the Committee shall appoint one of its number to chair an event or Committee meeting.


5.      Election of Officers:
5.1.       Officers shall be elected by membership poll or at the Annual general Meeting, and for a term of office of 3 years.
5.2.       Retiring Officers shall be eligible for re-election.
5.3.       No employee of MapInfo or any of its business partners or agents shall be eligible for election.
5.4.       No employee or member of an organisation shall be eligible for election while there is a non-retiring Officer on the Committee currently employed by the same organisation where the organisation itself has an interest in the use of GIS or in GIS related products and services.
5.5.       If an event occurs that leads to conflict with the above restrictions, the Officer concerned shall be required to resign from the Committee.
5.6.       The Committee shall be the final arbiter on the application of these rules.

6.      Annual General Meeting:
6.1.    An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year for the purpose of;
         election or confirmation of Officers and Committee for the forthcoming year,
         approving the Committee’s Report on the Group’s activities over the preceding year and discussion of plans and programmes for future activities,
         approving Treasurer’s Report and financial statements,
         consideration of motions notified to the Secretary no less than one calendar month before the published meeting date,
         noting any other matter requiring consideration by the Committee.
6.2.     The Annual General Meeting shall normally be incorporated with the Group’s regular autumn event.

7.      Extraordinary General Meeting:
7.1.       The Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.
7.2.       Notice of such a meeting must be given to members at least one calendar month in advance giving details of time, venue, and purpose of the meeting.
7.3.       No other business other than that detailed in the notice shall be transacted at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

8.      Quorum:
8.1.       No matter of policy shall be decided at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, nor any Committee meeting unless a quorum is present.
8.2.       The quorum of a General Meeting shall consist of 20% of the membership and for a Committee meeting it shall be 4 Officers.

9.      Voting:
9.1.       A membership subscription to the Group carries a single vote which may be transferred to a member’s named proxy.
9.2.       Voting at meetings shall be by show of hands.
9.3.       Elections and matters of policy may alternatively be decided by a member’s poll conducted by e-mail.
9.4.       It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that the Membership Secretary has up-to-date e-mail contact details for this purpose.
9.5.       Member’s guests and non-members attending events may not vote at any General Meetings.

10.  Subscriptions:
10.1.   The annual subscription rate shall be decided by the Committee and published on the Group’s Web site.
10.2.   Subscriptions are payable in advance and shall be due on the 1st July this being the start of the subscription year.
10.3.   New members joining within 3 months of the end of a current subscription year will be deemed to have paid a subscription up to the end of the next subscription year.
10.4.   No person shall be entitled to vote on Group matters unless their subscription has been paid in full.
10.5.   In the event that a subscription remains unpaid 3 months after the due date that person will cease to be a member and will be deleted from the membership list.
10.6.   It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the Membership Secretary has up-to-date contact address details for subscription communications.

11.  Other Revenues:
11.1.   The Committee shall have the power to seek sponsorship and/or raise other monies in support of events and other Group activities.

12.  Attendance at Events:
12.1.   A rolling programme of events will be planned throughout each year. Member’s feedback on the format and content of events will be continuously sought, reviewed, and used to plan future programmes.
12.2.   A fully subscribed member shall be entitled entry to any Group events normally without further charge.
12.3.   Members shall also be entitled to bring up to 2 guests to an event on payment of the appropriate a “guest” fees.
12.4.   Non-members and further guests may attend the Group’s events on payment of a “public” fee.  
12.5.   The Committee shall have the power to levy an additional charge on members if expenditure on a specific event warrants it, and to determine the “guest” and “public” fee rates for events.
12.6.   All event fees and charges will be published in advance and detailed in the Groups event programme.
12.7.   At least one event in each year’s programme will be held at a location in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

13.  Financial Matters:    
13.1.The Groups Financial year shall end on 31st March.
13.2.All subscriptions and other monies shall be paid into the Group’s bank account and notified to the Treasurer.
13.3.All cheques drawn on the Group’s account shall be signed by two of the three nominated Officers.
13.4.The funds of the Group shall be used solely to further the objectives of the Group and only in ways sanctioned by the Committee.
13.5.Speaker and Officer’s expenses shall only be paid where authorised in advance.
13.6.An Auditor shall be selected to audit the Group’s accounts prior to the Annual General Meeting.
13.7.No Committee member shall be eligible to act as Auditor.
13.8 To accommodate members and visitors from outside the UK the Group will maintain a banking facility to handle EC currency.
13.9 The Committee may amend the relative sterling/euro fees for membership subscriptions, and ‘guest’ or ‘public’ visitor charges in the event of significant changes in the exchange rate, subject to 1 months notice to members.

14.  Alteration of the Constitution:
14.1.The Constitution may be only be amended at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, or by membership poll, and then only if a notice of the proposed amendment has been notified to the membership not less than one calendar month before the Meeting or the closing poll date.
15.  Other Matters:
15.1.Any matters for which provision is not made within this constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee at its discretion and reported to the next Annual General Meeting for endorsement or further direction by members.

16.  Winding Up or Disaggregation:
16.1.A decision to wind-up the Group shall only be taken by majority vote at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting attended by at least 50% of the current membership or a membership poll with at least 50% of current members responding.
16.2.In this event the Committee will appoint a sub-committee of 3 Officers to ascertain the wishes of the membership regarding the disposal of any remaining Group assets and to carry out such instructions.
16.3 If at some future time, a majority of the membership based in Ireland determined to convene a separate user group, disaggregation would be deemed to take place at the end of that subscription year.
16.4 In the event of such disaggregation, no share of the Groups current assets would be transferable except at the discretion and unanimous vote of the existing Committee.

Constitution Version 2 – Adopted February 2002

Jac Cartwright
MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland
December 2002
MapInfo User Group UK Committee

Terms of Reference:
1.      Chairperson

     The Chairperson shall;
         Preside over and direct all meetings of the Group and Committee.
         Resolve disputes regarding procedure and determine the course of action.
         In the event of a tied vote, to have the final and deciding vote.
         Act as the spokesperson for the Committee in all dealings with MapInfo and other organisations except where this duty is delegated other Officers.
         Act as Secretary in the case of absence.
         Address the AGM with an overview of the Group’s activities over the previous year and its future direction and development.

2.      Secretary

The Secretary shall;
         Keep records of all proceedings of the Committee and its affairs.
         Inform the Group’s members of all matters which may concern them.
         Deal with all correspondence to and from the Committee except where this duty is delegated to other Officers.
         Take action on the decisions of the Committee.

3.      Treasurer

The Treasurer shall;
         Be responsible for the management of the Group’s funds and its bank account.
         Maintain accounting records of all revenues and disbursements.
         Ensure that accounts are audited at the end of the financial year and prior to the AGM.
         Prepare a summary statement of accounts for the AGM.
         Provide budgetary guidance in the planning of Group events and activities.
         Issue subscription and other invoices as appropriate.

4.      Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary shall;
         Be responsible for maintaining records of member’s details, associated organisations and subscriptions status.
         Monitor overall membership trends.
         Ensure compliance with current Data Protection legislation.

5.      Events Co-ordinator

The Events Co-ordinator shall;
         Be responsible for the preparation of an outline events programme each year.
         To manage and co-ordinate all aspects of event delivery except where delegated to other Officers.
         Manage the events programme within the budgetary guidelines set by the Treasurer.
         Provide guidance and support to territorial Officers and local groups in the delivery of regional events and activities.
         Liase with MapInfo and its business partners in the programming and delivery of events.

6.      Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer shall;
         Manage and maintain the Groups Web site and services.
         Be responsible for all publicity materials produced on behalf of the Group.
         Prepare and conduct surveys of membership opinions and priorities.
         Liase with MapInfo and its business partners on matters concerning membership recruitment and event advertising etc.

7.      Co-ordinator for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Co-ordinator for Ireland and Northern Ireland shall;
         Provide the focus for the views of members based in Ireland/Northern Ireland and represent and promote their interests to the Committee.
         Convene a small working party (minimum of one member from Ireland and one from Northern Ireland) as necessary, to provide a range of views in the planning and implementation of regional activities, events, and/or services.
         Assist and support the Events Co-ordinator in the planning and delivery of events in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
         Promote and monitor interest in the Group’s activities across Ireland and Northern Ireland.
         Assist with other Officer functions as directed by the Committee.

8.      Territorial & Functional Officers

Territorial & Functional Officers shall;
         Form the liaison focus for regional membership groups.
         Promote and monitor interest in the Group’s activities countrywide.
         Assist and support the Events Co-ordinator in the planning and delivery of events.
         Assist with other Officer functions as directed by the Committee.

Jac Cartwright
MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland
December 2002

MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland
Schedule of Fees

1. Members based in the UK or paying sterling.
1.1 Membership subscription:   £100.00 per person
1.2 Non-member attendance at events:
 as a member’s guest:    £25.00 per person
 all other visitors:     £55.00 per person (excluding invited presenters and contributors to events).  

2.  Members based outside the UK or paying in Euro’s.
2.1 Membership subscription:   €150
2.2 Non-member attendance at events:
 as a member’s guest:         €40
 all other visitors:          €90

NB:  Fees quoted in € are subject to revision by the Committee to reflect variation in currency exchange rates, under clause 13.9 of the Constitution.

Jac Cartwright
MapInfo User Group UK & Ireland
December 2002

MapInfo user Group UK and Ireland, PO Box 71, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2GU
Registered in England.